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Bed Rail - SafetySure® Grip Bed Assist Handle

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SafetySure®Grip Assist Handle

Maintain your Independence. A bed rail is helpful for the elderly or disabled who want to live more independently and get in and out of bed safely and with less difficulty. The SafetySure®Grip is an economical bed rail choice for anyone with an average height mattress.

SafetySure®Grip Assist Handle Benefits

  • Helps you get in and out of bed more easily
  • Helps you reposition yourself in bed
  • Helps to prevent you from falling out of bed
  • Helps transfer to bedside commode or wheelchair
  • Helps you stay independent

Who Needs the SafetySure®Grip?

Assist Handles help those with trouble moving in bed, and getting in and out of bed, those at risk of falling, stroke and Parkinson's patients, those with severe back pain or arthritis, or recovering from surgery can benefit from the use of a assist handle.

WARNING:California's Proposition 65


Non-slip grip for added safety and comfort

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Bed Rail Specifications


Specification Dimension
Bed Board Width 20"
Bed Board Length 28"
Handle Width 9"
Handle Height 20.5"
Product Weight 12 lbs
Weight Capacity 250 lbs

Assist Handle Assembly

The SafetySure®Grip assist handle is easy to assemble and install. Just snap the ends of the handle into the receiving tubes of the base board and click until you hear the snap locks move into place.  Then slide the bed board between your mattress and box spring so it will be located where your stomach is if you are lying in bed.  Please follow the directions that come with your SafetySure®Grip bed rail carefully.

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Here are some helpful user guides/manuals.

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