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The AliMed Voice Alarm

The AliMed Voice Alarm is the perfect choice for patients with dementia, are easily confused by loud alarms, or require directions is a foreign language.  The Voice Alarm can be used as a magnetic pull-cord alarm or with a bed or chair sensor pad, the choice is yours.  Once the alarm is activated, it can be reset by pushing dual reset buttons on the side of the alarm.

Features and Benefits of the AliMed Voice Alarm

Pre-recorded Message.  You can record an individualized voice message up to 20 seconds in length.  This message can remind the patient to sit down, or any other message that you or your staff desires.  You can change the message as the patients’ needs change.

Use as a Magnetic Pull-Cord Alarm.  The AliMed Voice Alarm has a magnetic sensor on the front of the alarm.  The senor has a pull-cord that attaches securely to the patients clothing with a metal clip.  When the patient stands and beings to wander the magnetic sensor detaches and the voice message is activated.

Use with a Bed or Chair Sensor Pad.  The AliMed Voice Alarm has a built-in jack that a AliMed bed or chair sensor pad can be plugged into.  The weight sensitive sensor pad is placed under the patient.  When the patient stands or tries to get out of their bed the voice message is activated.  Also compatible with AliMed seatbelt or alarm strap systems.

Voice Message or Audible Alarm.  You can change form voice mode to alarm mode with the flip of a switch.  In the alarm mode you have two tones and volume (90/95 dB) settings to choose from.  Alarm switch is located in the battery compartment of the alarm to avoid patient tampering.

Built-in Nurse Call Jack.  For institutions that are hard wired for a central nursing station, the Voice Alarm has a built-in Nurse Call Jack that allows the alarm to be connected.  Requires a separate connector cable.

The Voice alarm comes with a mounting holster that attaches the alarms to the patients’ bed, chair or wheelchair.  Powered by four (4) AA batteries, included.  Front of the alarm has a low battery indicator that flashes when the batteries need to be replaced.

SKU: 2032, Voice Alarm

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