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Universal Thumb Support

SKU: 510-UTS

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Gently place the thumb in a position of function and limits extreme motion of the joints of the thumb.  A bendable metal stay limits movement.  For treatment for conditions such as tendonitis, arthritis and inflammation.  Breathable airprene allows performance of routine tasks in comfort.  Universal style, fits either right or left thumb.  Available in four sizes.

Product Specifications:

Item # Size Measure IP
Crease to Wrist
510-UTS-ES X Small 3" to 3.5"
510-UTS-S Small 3.5" to 4.25"
510-UTS-M Medium 4" to 4.5"
510-UTS-L Large 4.5" and up

SKU: 510-UTS,510UTS,510,  Thumb Support, Thumb Stabilizer                                                                                                                              

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