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The Skil-Care Ultra-Cushion provides ultimate pressure relief, comfort, support, and comes in two models.  The standard model has a high density foam core that increases comfort and stability.  The deluxe models has a water-based gel insert the relieves interface pressure for greater comfort.  Both models feature a firm, contoured, foundation that eliminates wheelchair, sling-seat, hammocking.  The vinyl cover is incontinent proof and wipes for cleaning.  An optional "Low Shear" outer cover is available that helps reduce skin damage.  The Ultra-Cushion comes with safety straps with a plastic buckle that keeps the cushion in place on the wheelchair.

Product Specification & Options
Item # Cushion Cover Width Depth Height
754310 Foam Vinyl Only 18" 16" 3.5"
754320 Foam Vinyl + Cloth 18" 16" 3.5"
754330 Foam + Gel Vinyl + Cloth 18" 16" 4"
754332 Foam + Gel Vinyl + Cloth 16" 16" 4"
754334 Foam + Gel Vinyl + Cloth 20" 16" 4"


SKU: Ultra Cushon, Wheelchair Cushions, Skil Care, 754310, 754320, 754330, 754333, 754334


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