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Features of the AliMed TR2 Alarm Systems

Choose from the Select a Model Box the system that fits your needs. Descriptions of the different systems are below. The systems come complete with Alarm and Sensor.  If you already have a TR2 Alarm System and just need a replacement alarm or bed or wheelchair sensor pads, both are available as a stand alones. The TR2 is completely new with features not found on other alarms!  Caregivers can't forget to switch it on and patients can't switch it off - it's always on to provide continuous patient monitoring.  Once the included batteries are loaded and sensor cable inserted in the sensor jack, the alarm is activated and always on.  The sensor cables are secured in place by a lock-n-load switch located on the top of the TR2 alarm.  If the switch is opened, the alarm is automatically activated.

Rubber edged bumpers provide greater drop protection that enhance reliability.  The "low-drain" power management feature extends battery life making the TR2 Alarm more economical to operate.  A tamper-resistant screw locks the battery cover securely in place.  Volume selection, alarm sound, and delay switches are located in the battery compartment.

Concealed dual reset buttons on the side of the TR2 Alarm must be pressed in unison in order to reset the alarm.  The alarm will automatically reset itself if the patient returns to a safe position.  This feature of the TR2 Alarm helps reduce false alarms.

The TR2 Alarm has separate low battery indicator, active status, and alert indicator lights on the top of the alarm box.  The TR2 Alarm comes with an easy mount clip on the back, four AA batteries, and is compatible with all of AliMed's sensor pads, seatbelts, or alarm strap systems.

AliMed systems that can be used with the TR2 alarm

 Bed Sensor Pad System: Item 70070
 Alerts caregiver when the individual tries to get out of bed unassisted.  Comes with an ultra thin 10" x 30" sensor pad.  Simply place the  sensor pad on the bed underneath the patients shoulders and connect the sensor pad to the TR2 Alarm.  When the patient starts to  rise, the alarm is triggered.  Sensor pad comes with a 6 month guarantee. 

 Chair Sensor Pad System: Item 70069
 Alerts the caregiver when the individual tries to get out of a wheelchair, side chair, or geri chair unassisted.  Place the 10" x 15", ultra  thin, sensor pad on the chair seat and connect to the TR2 Alarm.  When the patient starts to get up the, the alarm is triggered.  If the  patient immediately sit down, the alarm resets.  Sensor pad comes with a 6 month guarantee.

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