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Thermophore Arthritis Pad

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Receive soothing natural heat therapy and arthritis pain relief with the Thermophore ® Arthritis Pad with Automatic Moist Heat Packs ™. The heat pack uses the natural moisture in the air and then turns it into moist heat with a flip of a switch!  The heat pad provides a higher level of heat than normal heat pads and is designed to help arthritis patients. Available in 3 sizes to fit almost area of the body.  The Thermophore ® Arthritis Pad is perfect for helping to relieve arthritis pain, fibromyalgia, atrophied muscles, and other similar conditions.

The Thermophore ® Arthritis Pad has a push-On/push-Off switch that does not to be held down if you desire continuous heat. Once the heating pad reaches the desired level of heat, push the Off button to keep that heat level and let the unit cool a little. When you need more heat, touch the On button again. Alternate On/OFF cycle to maintain the heat level where you need it.  A 20-minute, built-in,  timer will automatically shut off the heating pad when your treatment is completed.

Product Specifications
Model # Size Dimensions
BT177 Petite 4" x 17"
BT156 Medium 14" x 14"
BT155 Large 14" x 27"

SKU: BT177, BT156, BT155, heating pad, arthritis pad

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