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SafetySure Transfer Sling

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The SafetySure® Transfer Sling (SST) is an easy to use device with many patient transfer applications.  The high friction coating on the inside of the sling prevents slipping.  Hand-grips provide a variety of gripping positions to aid in the transfer process and reduce stress on caregivers back.

Some of the applications for the SafetySure® Transfer Sling include:

  • Move from or to bed
  • Move up in bed
  • Lift from the floor to a wheelchair or bed
  • Move higher in wheelchair
  • Move from wheelchair to car
  • Transfer between bed and wheelchair
  • Turn in bed

Product Specifications:


Specification Dimension


Lenth w/ Handles

21 3/4"


Height 8"
Thickness 3/8"
Product Weight 1 lb
Weight Capacity 250 lbs

WARNING:California's Proposition 65

The SST Sling can be positioned in numerous ways, depending on the transfer to be completed and the circumstances of the individual.

Moving to or from the bed
When assisting an individual to lie down or sit up in bed (fig. 1), it can be hard to reach the shoulders and legs at the same time.  Place the SST Sling around the lower legs and/or behind the shoulders (fig. 2).

Raising or lowering
If the caregiver is helping someone get up or sit down, tilt the individual forward for a natural transfer.  Place the SST Sling around the individuals hips (fig. 3).  If the patient is resistant to forward movement, place the SST Sling around the shoulders and a SST Transfer Belt around the individuals waist (fig. 4).

Moving up in bed
When an individual up in bed, most of their weight is usually on the hips.

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