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SafetySure Transfer Slide - Unpadded

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SafetySure® Transfer Slide (SSTS) perform a variety of tasks from turning, boosting and transferring from one surface to another.  The SSTS is best suited for individuals with limited mobility.  Frictionless inner liner facilitates smooth transfer with little or no strain on the caregivers back.    Available in three sizes - small, medium and large.

The SafetySure® Transfer Slide is primarily used for:

  • Moving an individual up in bed
  • Turning an individual in bed
  • Transfers between bed and wheelchair

Product Specifications


Item Number



2032 -  Small



1232 - Medium



1032 - Large



WARNING:California's Proposition 65

The SSTS is placed under the part of the individuals body to be moved (fig.1).  The center of the SSTS should cover the heaviest or lowest lying body part and be placed so that it will slide itself in the direction of the transfer.  It is best to place the SSTS underneath a draw-sheet which is then used to move the individual.  The easiest way to remove the SSTS is to pull the lower portion and allow it to slide out from the individuals body.  When doing this, the caregiver should hold one hand against the individual's body so that the individual remains stationary (fig.2).

Moving a patient up in bed (Boosting)
The SSTS small slide is best suited for individuals who need help under a hip or shoulder.  In order to achieve maximum benefit, it is important to position the SSTS under the heaviest part of the individual's body at the hip/shoulder (fig. 3), so that the direction of the transfer is aimed up toward the head of the bed.

Turning in bed
When turning an individual, the SSTS is of considerable assistance when moving the individual sideways (fig. 4) and when helping the individual to find a comfortable position after turning (fig. 6).  The SSTS can be placed under either the hip or the shoulder.  Some individuals are able to turn themselves with the help of the SSTS (fig. 5).

Transfer from bed to wheelchair
In this procedure,  it is important to have an even and stable surface.  It also helps to place a small cushion or an Safety Sure™ Transfer Board between the bed and the wheelchair to provide a smooth transfer surface.  Place the SSTS under one hip and then tilt the individual over so that their entire body weight (fig. 7) is on the SSTS.

Transfer from wheelchair to bed
Transfers from a wheelchair to a bed usually involve an upward movement since, most beds cannot be lowered to enough to provide a horizontial transfer.  In order to make this type of transfer, the caregiver should stand in a position that will allow  the individual to be pulled inward toward the caregiver's hips.  This may be accomplished with one knee on the bed or with the help of a Safety Sure™ Transfer Belt or a Safety Sure Transfer Board (fig. 9).

Directions for use
Please read the instruction sheet before using the Safety Sure Transfer Slide with padding.  If you have any questions about the proper use of the SSTS, call our toll free number 888-593-0377.  We will be glad to answer any of your questions.

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