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SafetySure SafeGuard Cover

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Safeguard your facility against entrapment.  Patient entrapment may result in bodily harm, serious injury and even death.  The SafetySure® SafeGuard™ bed transfer handle cover virtually eliminates the risk of any type of entrapment between the rails of handle uprights.  The SafetySure Safe Guard cover is designed to be used with all models of the MMP hospital style Transfer Handle® - models 2025H, 4025H, 6025H, and 8025H.  It can also be used on the MMP Transfer Handle®, model 2026, for home style beds.

The SafetySure SafeGuard bed transfer handle cover is easy to install.  Simply slide the cover over the handle and secure at the bottom with a hook and loop fastener.  The functionality of the handle is not compromised since the patient can easily grasp the top and cross rail of the handle.  The SafeGuard is made from a machine washable elastine fabric.

The SafetySure SafeGuard Cover provides your patients with maximum entrapment protection.


WARNING:California's Proposition 65

SKU: 2100, entrapment protection, Handle cover

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