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SafetySure Notched Wood Transfer Boards

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Notches secure the wooden transfer board to the upright portion of the wheelchair air.  Notched transfer board can be used with either standard arm or desk arm wheelchairs.  Double notches allow the patient transfer board to be used on either the right side or left side of the wheelchair.  Constructed of plywood and finished with a smooth lacquered finish.  Available in two lengths, 24" and 29".  The 24" patient transfer board has one built-in handle while the 29" transfer board has two built in handles. Supports up to 400 lbs.

Transfer Board helps the patient transfer between surfaces of similar or slightly different heights. If you have decreased upper body strength, work with a caregiver to help you transfer.  Using the industry standard of “a third, a third, a third”, place one third of the board on the surface you are transferring from, place another third onto the surface you are transferring to, and the remaining third is the space in between the two transfer points.

Support your body weight on the flat surface as you move slowly and carefully paying attention to your movement and the location of your body as you transfer across the board. Don’t drag your buttocks on the board. Keep your body in the correct position keeping your feet flat on the floor throughout most types of transfers. When transferring, never put your hands or fingers under the board.

Custom sizes available upon request.  Call MMP Customer Service, 800-854-4687, and ask for a quote.


Notch designed to fit into up-right of wheelchair arm for added security during patient transfer.

WARNING:California's Proposition 65

How to use a Transfer Board

Product Specifications:

Item # Length Width Thickness Weight  Capacity
5100 24" 8" 0.5" 400 lbs
5110 29" 8" 0.5" 400 lbs


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