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Features of the Posey Roll Guards

Posey Roll Guards are an alternative to side rails and helps protect lucid patients from falling out of bed.  The Roll Guards are filled with polystyrene beads that provide soft resistance when rolled against.  Roll Gurards easily attach to the bed frame.  The Roll Guards can be positioned on any position of the bed based on the needs of the patient.  Available with a machine washable brushed polyester cover or a wipe clean vinyl cover.  Meets CA #117, Secton E, Flame Retardancy Standards.

Recommended Use:  Patients prone to unassisted bed exit and / or falling out of bed.

Product Specifications
Specification Dimension
Length 25"
Width 43"
Width Between Pillows 23"
Roll Guard Length 25"
Roll Guard Diameter 9"


SKU: 5700, 5700SC, Roll Guard, Roll Guards, Side Rail Alternative, Side Rail Alternatives, Bed Bumper, Bed Bumpers






















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