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Profile Sitting Orthosis

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The Profile Sitting Orthosis is designed to relieve pressure on the bones that make up the pelvic cavity.  The molded T-Foam top encourages anterior pelvic tilt and helps reduce slouching forward in the wheelchair.  The bottom of the orthosis is a Solid Seat Insert™ eliminates the sagging of the wheelchair seat to create the proper sitting foundation.  The cover of the orthosis is breathable, incontinence proof and machine washable.

Patient selection criteria:

  • High risk of ulcer formation
  • Needs postural support
  • Double amputee unable to sit in a wheelchair with stable posture
  • Lower extremity amputee needing pressure protection and extra support

Available in two sizes: 18" x 16" and 16" x 16".

SKU: 1210, 1211, Wheelchair Cushion, Coccyx Cushion, Sitting Orthosis

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