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PRO-heelx Heel Protector

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The Posey PRO-Heelx Heel Protector is designed for patients that are at high risk for heel pressure ulcers, skin breakdown, or friction burns.  The Heel Protector floats the heel 2" above the bed surface.  Large openings help ensure adequate ventilation and cooling of the heel and makes monitoring of the wound easier.  The outer fabric of the Heel Protector is made from breathable nylon that allows moisture and heat to migrate away from the foot.  The Ortho-Wick™ inner liner helps keep the heel dry and promote healing.

Recommended Use:  Patients at risk for heel pressure ulcers, skin breakdown, and/or friction burns.

SKU: 6218S, 6218, 6218L, heel protector, heel protectors, PRO-heelx Heel Protector

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