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Premium Heel Guard

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Features of the Posey Premium Heel Guard

The Posey Premium Heel Guard is a high resilience foam heel offloading device which floats the heel and helps reduce the risk of foot drop.  Designed with an open heel cutout that allows the heel to be suspended to help reduce pressure ulcers.  Heel and side ventilation holes help provide air circulation and dissipates heat buildup. An interior adjustable foam elevation block optimizes individual foot postioning and heel lift.  The Premium Heel Guard comes with adjustable side straps that allows for easy adjustment for degree of foot drop control.  The outer lining minimizes the risk of friction and shear.  One size fits all.  Can be used on either foot.  Meets CA #117, Section E, Flame Retardancy Standards.

Recommended Use: Patients at risk for foot injury, pressure ulcers or foot drop.

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