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Portable Easy Up Cushion

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The Portable Easy Up™ Cushion is like a portable lift chair.  Perfect for post hip surgery or arthritis of the hip or knees.  Enjoy having the freedom to move about and be able to sit and stand without assistance.  The Easy Up™ allows post hip surgery patients to rise without fear of hip dislocation resulting in additional surgery.
The Easy Up™ adds either 3" (Item 1220), or 4" (Item 1221) of height to any chair seat. The Easy Up™ positions hips and knees at 90° which makes rising from a seated position easier.  The Easy Up™ Cushion comes with a handy carry strap. Comfortable to sit on and covered with machine washable fabric.

Easy Up™ Cushion Specifications
Specification Dimension
Length 15"
Width 15"
Height 3" or 4"

SKU: 1220,1221, Easy Up Cushion, Cushion

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