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Pik Stik TelescoPik Adjustable Reacher


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Why is the Telescoping Reacher different?

With a simple turn of the locking collar on the shaft, the Telescoping Reacher adjusts from 30" - 44", bringing everything within easy reach. Durable, safe and lightweight design makes this the ideal reacher for all purposes. Features an nodized aluminum shaft that won't rust.  5 1/2" jaws with durable, non-slip gripping surface Ergonomic handle and trigger.


Benefits of the Telescoping Reacher


  • With a simple turn of the locking collar on the shaft, the reacher adjusts in length.
  • Thermoplastic resin, textured tips provide non-slip gripping for all surfaces.
  • Jaws with a foam rubber insert enables them to hold objects as small as a dime.
  • Ergonomic trigger grip can lift objects weighing up to five pounds.


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