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AliMed® No-Lift BOOSTER™

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 Boost with Ease – Increase Patient and Staff Safety

AliMed® “No-Lift” BOOSTER™  Help ease caregiver back strain by making it easier to boost the resident toward the headboard. Position the resident on top of the “No-Lift” BOOSTER as you would with a draw sheet. Grab the reinforced edges of the top tube layer, or by the handles, and slide it upward. Remove from beneath resident after each use. Optional hanging Mesh Storage Bags (sold separately). Black. Disposable Single-Patient-Use option for infection control.

Flat dimensions: 29"W x 52"L (Standard), 46"W x 46"L (Bariatric) • 250 lb.-capacity (Standard), 600 lb.-capacity (Bariatric) • Machine wash, air dry • Disinfectant safe

Product Specifications:

Specification Standard Bariatric
Width 29" 46"
Length 52" 46"
Color Black Black

SKU: 72123,2970009611,75582,2970010020,No-Lift Booster, Booster, Boosters

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