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No-Lift Booster

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The No-Lift Booster™ eases caregiver back strain by making it easier to move the patient towards the top of the bed.  The Booster is a flat fabric tube that has a slick inner surface that reduces friction.   Use in place of traditional draw sheet.  Position the patient on the top of the Booster and then grab the reinforced edges of the top layer and slide the patient upwards.  Remove after each use.   Available in two models:  the Standard model is good for most patients, for larger patients use the Bariatric model which has sewn in handles for better gripping.

Product Specifications:

Specification Standard Bariatric
Width 29" 46"
Length 46" 46"
Color Black Black

SKU: 72123, 75582, No-Lift Booster, Booster, Boosters

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