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Knitted Heel/Elbow Protector

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Features of the Posey Knitted Heel/Elbow Protector

The Posey Knitted Heel/Elbow protector is a comfortable sock-like covering that helps protect against limb friction and sheer forces.  The Protector is made of non-compression latex-free flexible stretch yarn that is comfortable and helps promoted air circulation.  The Heel/Elbow Protector has a sewn-in contoured, soft open cell foam pad that protects the bony promincences of the heel and elbow.  Machine washable, available in four sizes.

Recommended Use: Patients requiring comfort or at risk for skin irritation.

Sizing Chart
Item # Size Fits Limbs
6224S Small Up to 8.5" circumference
6224M Medium Up to 11" circumference
6224L Large Up to 13.5" circumference
6224XL X-Large Upto 16" circumference

Fitting Guide: Knitted heel/elbow protectors are intended to fit as a comfort product.  Actual fit will depend on individual anthropometric measurements and patient comfort.  These protectors will stretch up to 30%.

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