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Features of the AliMed IQ Duo Plus Alarm

The IQ Duo Plus Alarm has an "Always On" feature that means the alarm unit can't be inadvertently turned off. With the flick of a switch, you can choose between two functions, a magnetic pull-cord alarm or a sensor pad alarm. The IQ Duo Plus Alarm is compatible with all AliMed, sensor pad, seatbelt or alarm strap systems. The Alarm's rugged construction and rubber bumpers can withstand repeated drops and abuse making it an ideal alarm for institutional settings.  

Pull-Cord Function - To use as a magnetic pull-cord alarm attach the magnetic sensor to the front of the alarm.  The other end of the pull-cord has a strong metal clip that attaches to the patients clothing.  When the patient begins to wander the magnetic sensor will detach and activate the alarm.  To reset the alarm simply replace the Magnetic sensor or press the reset button located under the large logo on the front of the alarm.

Sensor Pad Function - To use the IQ Duo Plus Alarm with a sensor pad, attach the sensor pad cord to the sensor jack located on the top of the alarm box.  When the patient's weight is removed from the sensor pad the alarm will be activated.  The alarm with automatically reset once the patient's weight is returned to the sensor pad.  The caregiver can also manually reset the alarm by pressing the reset button located under the logo located on the front of the alarm.

Choose from two alarm tones and volume settings. Settings are concealed in the battery compartment in order to prevent patient tampering.  Includes three AAA batteries.  Comes with a power saver feature that extends battery life.

Available Systems:

IQ Duo Plus Alarm with six-month Chair Sensor Pad (Item # 711358) - place 10" x 15" chair sensor pad on wheelchair, chair or sofa and attach to the alarm. Attach the chair sensor pad to the alarm.  When the individual attempts to stand the alarm is activated.  If the individual immediately sits down the alarm automatically resets itself.


IQ Duo Plus Alarm with six-month Bed Sensor Pad (Item # 711357) - place large 10" x 30" pad on the bed.  Position where the individuals shoulder blades would lie on the mattress.  Attach the bed sensor pad to the alarm.  When the individual begins to rise, the alarm will be activated.  If the patient immediately lays back down on the senor pad, the alarm will automatically reset.


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