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Hinged Knee Brace

SKU: 550-HKB-S

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RCAI Hinged Knee Brace provides support, compression and warmth for post operative knee rehabilitation, ligament instability, anterior and posterior or cruciate instability and meniscal injury.  Made of breathable, latex-free material, the RCAI Hinged Knee Brace is washable.  Lightweight, bilateral metal hinges provide excellent medial and lateral knee support and allows for a full range of motion.  Straps above and below the knee cap maintain proper positioning of the brace on the leg.  A diamond shaped cut-out on the back of the knee reduces possible skin irritation.   The RCAI hinged knee brace comes with a removable horseshoe felt buttress to support the medial and lateral condyle.

Product Specifications:

Item # Size Measurement 4" Above the Knee Cap
550-HKB-S Small 12" to 14"
550-HKB-M Medium 14" to 16"
550-HKB-L Large 16" to 18"
550-HKB-XL X Large 18" to 20"
550-HKB-XXL XX Large 20" to 22"

SKU: 550-HJB, Knee Brace, Hinged Knee Brace, Knee Braces, Hinged Knee Braces 

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