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Heel-Up Foot Positioner

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The Heel-Up Foot Positioner cradles your foot and ankle while suspending the heel for pressure relief.  Foam cushioning protects your calf, shin, malleoli, and forefoot areas.  A low friction nylon exterior facilitates bed mobility and slides easily on bed linens.  The open heel window allows for air circulation and heel inspection.  The inside of the positioner is treated with Sanitized® AG antimicrobial agent.  Water resistant fabric is durable and machine washable.  Fits either left or right foot.

Optional anti-rotation bar slides into pocket  on the bottom of the Heel-Up to maintain neutral foot position.
Product Specifications
Specification Standard
Width at Heel 4" 5"
Calf  Circumference Up to 18" Up to 23"

SKU: 65948, 65949, Foot Positioner, Heel-Up

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