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Fall Management Blankets

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Benefits of Posey Fall Management Blankets

Posey Fall Management Blankets helps your staff discreetly identify patients that are at risk for falls, while keeping the patient warm.  Blankets are available in five colors that allow you to color code your patient by degree of fall risk.  For example, green could be used with low risk patients while yellow could be used with high risk patients.  All blankets measure 30"L x 48"W and can be used on the patients bed or on the patients laps while sitting in a chair.  Machine washable.

Recommended Use: Easily identify patients at risk for falls.

SKU: 6248G, 6248O, 6248P, 6248R, 6248Y, Fall Mangement Blanket, Fall Management Blankets, Fall Management Accessory, Fall Management Accessories

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