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AliMed® E-Z Release Seatbelt with Basic Alarm

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AliMed® E-Z Release Seatbelt with Basic Alarm Hook-and-loop fastener belt is ideal for the less active patient who needs to be reminded not to get up. Patients simply insert a hand into the yellow loop and remove the belt independently with a sweeping motion. Once the patient begins to unfasten the belt, an alarm sounds alerting the caregiver.

CAUTION: These devices are not restraints! They are designed to be easily opened and removed by most patients. The determination as to the appropriateness of the Early Warning EZ Release Seatbelt, EZ Release Seatbelt and the Buckled Seatbelt with either hook-and-loop closure or with the quick-release seatbelt buckle for a specific patient is the responsibility of the facility and its professional and medical staff.

Here are some helpful user guides/manuals.

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