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The Elbow Stabilizer is indicated for the treatment of bursitis, tendonitis, cubital tunnel syndrome, epicondylitis, or other conditions requiring stabilization of the elbow.  The stabilizer contains a removable plastic stay that can be heat molded with a hair dryer and repositioned to prevent full arm extension and flexion, as needed, to minimize stretching of the ulnar nerve.  Made of breathable and washable foam.  The stabilizer keeps the skin cool and dry, and maintains skin integrity.  Adjustable compression straps assure proper support and elbow control.  Available in adult and youth sizes.

Product Specifications:

Item # Size Inner Circumference
48ES-A Adult 9.5" to 18"
48ES-Y Youth 6.5" to 12"

SKU: 48-ES, 48ES, Elbow Stabilizer, Elbow Brace 

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