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Econo-Gel Cushion

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The Skil-Care Econo-Gel Cushion provides you with pressure relief at and economy price.  The inner gel pod provides pressure relieving flotation while the outer comfort foam top and bottom conforms to your body.  The Econo-Gel cushion is available with a washable polyester outer cover, and comes with safety straps that secure the Econo-Gel cushion to your wheelchair. 

Product Specifications & Options
Item # Cover Width Depth Height
751150 Polyester 16" 16" 2"
751151 Polyester 18" 16" 2"
751153 Polyester 20" 16" 2"

SKU; Econo-Gel Cushion, Wheelchair Cushion, 751150, 751151, 751153, Skil Care

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