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EasyToilet Riser

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Easy Toilet Riser™

The Easy Toilet Riser™ raises your toilet by 4". Great for the heavier individual who has difficulty sitting down on and standing up from the toilet.  Installs on the base of your toilet so that you can continue to use your existing toilet seat.  Safe and sturdy, no extra parts to clean.  Comes complete with a one-piece molded PVC base, two 6" L closet bolts, two wax rings, one extended water pipe, two washers, two nuts, and complete installation instructions.  Weight capacity 800 lbs.
Easy Toilet Riser Specifications
Specification Dimension
Width 11.5"
Depth 23.75"
Height 4"
Weight Capacity 800 lbs.

SKU: 711974, Toilet Riser, Toilet Risers


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