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Digital Floor Scale with Glass Platform

SKU: 807-1300009

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The high quality Seca Aura 807 Scale meets your demands for precision, comfort and design. You should not accept less then a Seca scale when it is a question of your health.

Step-off function: In addition to the normal tip-on function, the Seca Aura 807 has the comfortable and fast step-off function. The scale switches on as soon as they are mounted and automatically adjust to zero, taking any changes in the environment into account. Your exact weight is displayed as soon as you step off the scales.

Large display: The clear LCD display with large, 1 inch high letters means that the result can be read quickly and easily.

Robust due to safety glass: The elegant, .25 inch strong, safety glass platform is shock- and impact-proof. The glass platform is safely attached to the plastic base of the scales by means of modern stainless steel elements.

First class stainless steel design: The stainless steel display underlines the superior quality of the Seca Aura 807. The easy-care, hard-wearing surface guarantees a long life.


Product Specifications
Specification Dimension
Weight Capacity 330 lbs / 150 kg
Graduation 0.2 lbs / 100 g
Dimensions 12.2" x 1.5" x 12.2"

SKU: 807-1300009, Scale, Bathroom Scale, Seca Scale

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