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Deluxe Folding Two Button Walker

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The Drive Deluxe Folding, Two Button, Walker comes with 5" wheels on the front of the walker for easier maneuverability.  The easy push-button mechanism can be operated with you palms, fingers, or the side of you hand.  Each side of the Deluxe Folding Walker operates independently to allow for easy movement narrow spaces.  The walker is constructed from 1" diameter aluminum tubing that ensures maximum strength while remaining lightweight. The rear leg caps are designed to allow the walker to slide easily over most surfaces.  Weight capacity 350 lbs.

Deluxe Walker Specifications
Specification Dimension
Front Width 17"
Rear Width 20"
Depth 17.5"
Product Weight 7.5 lbs.
Weigh Capacity  350 lbs.


SKU: DR-10210, 10210, Walker, Walkers, Wheeled Walker, Wheeled Walkers

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