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Chair Sensor Pad Alarm System

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AliMed Chair Sensor Pad Alarm System consist of a chair sensor pad and a fall management alarm.  The sensor pad (10" x 15") is placed on the seat of a chair or wheelchair and then connected to the alarm.  When the patient removes their weight from the pad a signal is sent and the alarm sounds.  If the patient sits down the alarm will reset, thus reducing the number of false wandering incidents. Sensor pads are ultra thin for comfort and superior sensitivity.  The sensor pad comes with a 6 month guarantee.  If the pad fails during its guarantee period, it will be replaced free of charge.

You can choose from two different fall management alarms.

IQ Duo Plus Alarm -
Compatible with all AliMed sensor pads.  The alarm is protected by rubber bumpers on the corners to cushion the alarm if it is accidentally dropped.  Contains hidden reset button to stop patients from trying to reset the alarm.  Has two alarm settings 85 or 100dB, low battery light, and comes with AAA batteries. For more information about the IQ Duo Plus Alarm click here.


TR2 Alarm -
Completely tamper resistant and is perfect for patients that abuse alarms, disconnect sensor cables or turn the alarm off.  Because the TR2 Alarm is always on, it does not have an on/off switch.  Once the batteries are loaded and sensor pad cable installed, the TR2 is active.  All alarm settings are concealed under the battery cover, hidded from tinkering patients.  Has two alarm settings 85 or 100dB, low battery light, mounting clip and comes with AA batteries included.  For more information on the TR2 Alarm click here.

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