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Buckwheat Pillows

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Buckwheat Pillows conform to the exact contours of your head and neck to provide all around comfortable support.  Pillows are filled with all natural, hypoallergenic buckwheat hulls that allow air to circulate freely through the pillow to keep your head dry and comfortable.  Sleeping on a Buckwheat Pillow allows your body to rest in a natural position and helps reduce neck and back pain, headaches, snoring, muscle tension and other discomforts.  Individuals with fibromyalgia find that sleeping on a Buckwheat Pillow provides relief from early morning stiffness.

Available in four styles.  The neck buckwheat pillow is great for airline, train or car travel.  The travel buckwheat pillow can be used for support while your are driving, in the office and fits into your suitcase.  Use the twin or standard buckwheat pillow to rest you head and back while watching TV or reading.  The twin or standard buckwheat pillow can also be placed under your knees to help ease and reduce lower back pain.

Buckwheat Neck Pillow

Buckwheat Pillows Specifications
Item # Style Width Length
BH1005 Neck Pillow    
BH1115 Travel Pillow 11" 15"
BH1824 Twin Pillow 18" 24"
BH2026 Standard Pillow 20" 26"

SKU: BH1005, BH1115, BH1824, BH2026, Buckwheat Pillow, Buckwheat Pillows

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