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Bodyclock Active 250

SKU: NLT-250


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The Bodyclock is an active alarm clock that wakes you naturally.  In the morning, the clock gradually brightens over a 15,20,30,46,60 or 90 minute period - choose the one that suits your needs.  The Bodyclock also has a built-in FM radio that features digital tuning.  You can also choose from a dawn chorus or rooster call alarm.

At the end of the day, you can gradually decrease the light at the same morning intervals to simulate sunset.  Or if you have trouble getting to sleep, you can choose from a "white noise" or wave sounds to help you get to sleep.

As well a providing you with a dimable bedside lighting, the Bodyclock has a nightlight feature and a programmable security option that turns the light on when you are away.

Comes with a 42W halogen bulb E14 that is equilvent to a standard 60 W light bulb.

SKU: NLT-250, SAD Light, SAD Lights, Dawn Simulator, Dawn Simulation Clock

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