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Bellavita Auto Bath Lifter

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The Bellavita Auto Bath Lifter is ideal for individuals that have difficulty getting into, out of, and sitting in the bath tub.  The water tight handle control uses a quick charge lithium-ion battery allows the user to raise and lower the seat and tilt the backrest.  The hand control floats if accidently dropped in the bath water. The seat and backrest of the Bellavita are padded to provide added comfort.  The seat height is 18.8" high in the upper position and lowers to 2.3" for bathing.  The back rest reclines to 50 degrees at its lowest position. Four, quick-release suction cups keeps the Bellavita from slipping in the tub. Suction cups adhere to smooth surfaces only, and not to textured surfaces.  Easy, tool-free installation.  When not in use, the back easily folds down for space-saving storage.  The Bellavita weighs only 20.5 pounds so the it can be easliy removed from the tub for storage and transport.  Lifting capacity of 300 lbs.  If you have difficulty getting into and out of your bath tub, the Bellavita Auto Bath Lifter helps you maintain your independence.



Product Specifications
Specification Dimension
Seat Length 22.4"
Seat Depth 16.5"
Seat Width 13.7"
Baseplate Lenght 22"
Baseplate Width 12.2"
Sitting Height 2.3" - 18.8"
Product Weight 20.5 lbs.
Weight Capacity 300 lbs.


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