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Bed Sensor Pad Alarm System

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The AliMed Bed Sensor Pad Alarm System alerts caregiver when an individual tries to get out of bed unassisted.  Early warning helps prevent falls and injuries.  The system combines the reliability of the weight sensitive, ultra thin, AliMed sensor pad and your choice of alarms.   Just place the large 10" x 30" sensor pad under the patient and connect to the alarm.  The alarm will automatically reset if the patient returns to a safe position rather that getting out of bed.  This feature reduces the number of false alarms and reminds the patient not to get out of bed unassisted.  Sensor pad comes with a 6 month guarantee.  If the sensor pad fails during the guarantee period, it will be replaced free of charge.

Choose from three different fall alarms to meet you specific needs.



IQ Duo Plus Alarm -
Compatible with all AliMed sensor pads.  The alarm is protected by rubber bumpers on the corners to cushion the alarm if it is accidentally dropped.  Contains a hidden reset button to stop patients from trying to reset the alarm.  Has two alarm settings, 85 or 100dB, low battery light, and comes with AAA batteries. For more information about the IQ Duo Plus Alarm click here.

TR2 Alarm -
Completely tamper resistant and is perfect for patients that abuse alarms, disconnect sensor cables or turn off the alarm.  Because the TR2 alarm is always on, it does not have an on/off switch.  Once the batteries are installed and the sensor pad connected, the TR2 is active.  All alarm setting are concealed under the battery cover, hidden from tinkering patients.  Has two alarm settings, 85 or 100 dB, low battery light, mounting clips and comes with AA batteries.  For more information about the TR2 Alarm click here.
VOICE Alarm™ -
Plays a pre-recorded message, up to 20 seconds in length, when the alarm is triggered.  This alarm is perfect for individuals with dementia, those who are easily confused or disoriented by loud alarms, or for patients that need instructions in a foreign language.  Comes with low battery indicator, on/off switch, mounting holster and AA batteries.  For more information about the Voice Alarm click here.

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