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Bed Rail - Safety Glo Hand Rail


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Now you can know where the bedrail is in the middle of the night. The pad on top of the rail has a soft glow to help you locate the rail. The soft grip recharges in room light, no batteries or power cords. The rotating, professional grade handrail gives you maximum bedside mobility for home, clinical care and hospital settings. Safety Glo™ rail fits any size home style bed. The rail slides between the mattress and box spring and is secured to the box spring by nylon straps. Safety Glo™  helps you reposition, sit-up, balance, stand or transfer to a chair or wheelchair. Weight capacity 300 lbs.

Safety Glo Specifications
Specification Dimension
Lenght 18"
Height 16"
Product Weight 9.6 lbs
Weight Capacity 300 lbs.


SKU: CK-HSG450, HSG450, Bed Rail, Bed Rails, Bed Handle, Bed Handles, Transfer Handle, Transfer Handles

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