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Bed Rail - M-Rail

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M-Rail Bed Rail

M-Rail Adult Bed Rails are compact bed rails for those who don't want anything too large blocking access to their beds. M-Rail adult bed rails are padded, contoured, ergonomic handrails which fits snugly against your mattress.

M-Rail Bed Rail Benefits

The easy bedside mobility solution, M-Rail adult bed rails help you reposition yourself in bed to get comfortable, as well as assist in sitting-up, getting out of bed, balancing yourself, standing or transferring to a chair or wheelchair.

Adult Bed Rails: Who Should Use Them?

Those who are looking for a bed rail to help the move in bed and get in and out of bed, those who might need a reminder of the edge of the bed to discourage falling out, those with back pain or arthritis, Parkinson's and stroke patients, as well as those recuperating from surgical procedures of injuries.

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Fitting the M-Rail Bed Rail On Your Bed

1. Slide the assembled base rails between the mattress and the box spring, base or bed frame support.

2. Lie on the bed and position the M-Rail bed rail at the most comfortable gripping distance.

3. Undo elastic bands on the nylon webbing and run the webbing between the mattress and box spring, base or bed frame, and return under the box spring, base or bed frame, bringing it back to the handle side.

4. Clip the locking buckles together and pull each strap end to secure tightly. (please see "Cautions and Warnings"

5. Ensure that the two webbing straps of your adult bed rails are straight and parallel, and are pulled tightly, secured against the box spring, base or bed frame edge.

6. Tuck the excess webbing under the mattress support or cut it off to avoid any tripping hazard.

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