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Basic T-Foam Cushions

SKU: AL-163-S

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T-Foam Cushions have been the standard in lightweight pressure protection for wheelchair users. Anyone who must sit for long periods each day needs the protection that only T-Foam can offer. These flat cushions can also be used with any side chair, dining or desk chair. Firmness ratings of Soft, Medium, and Hard should be matched to the user. In hot climates, user firmer cushions. In dry, cold environments, softer grades work better.

Cushion Specifications
Cushion Style Size
163 18x16x2
164 18x16x3
172 18x16x4


SKU: 163-S, 163-M, 163-H, 164-S, 164-M, 164-H, 172-S, 172-M, 172-H, Wheelchair Cushion, Wheelchair Cushions, T-Foam Cushion, T-Foam Cushions

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