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Dial Column Scale with BMI

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The Intelligent All-Round Solution

This dial column scale can do something other mechanical scales can't.  It can determine the Body Mass Index at the same time as weighing.  The elegant all-round solution is especially suitable for use in the doctor's office as well as the institutional setting.

When designing this scale, special attention was paid to the ergonomics.  The dial, which is slightly tilted towards the observer, is particularly large and clearly laid out making it easier to read.  The scale is easy to mount due to its low platform.  The large tread area provides sufficient space for the tall and large patient.  The tread area is also covered with a non-slip rubber mat for safe footing.

Intregrated casters make moving the scale around or over uneven surfaces easy.

Quick and Easy Ascertainment and Evaluation of BMI

When the patient mounts the scale a BMI disc is set into action.  The disc is visible in a small window and can be easily read.  The colored sector of the BMI disc provide information on how the ascertained BMI is to be interpreted.

Product Specifications
Specification Dimension
Height 39.4"
Width 14.2"
Depth 24.7"
Product Weight 39.9 lbs.
Weight Capacity 350 lbs.


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