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Pivot Assist Platform

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The Pivot Assist Platform helps wheelchair patients maintain their independence by providing firm support grips and pivot assist disc for individuals who have difficulty pivoting.  Individuals with upper body strength and minimal ability to pivot can now safely transfer between their wheelchair and bed.  The large 30” by 30” plywood platform has a cut out that houses a pivot disc.  Two sides of the base have steel hand rails that provide support and stability when standing, pivoting, and sitting.  The tops of the hand rails are cover with a non-slip grip for added comfort and safety.  When positioning, the base board should be placed as close to the bed as possible while allowing the wheelchair the ability to roll onto the base.

To use, roll the front wheels of the wheelchair onto the base platform, lock the wheels, and place feet on the pivot disc.  To rise, grab a hold of the hand rails and stand.  Once in a standing position, use your upper body strength to pivot towards the bed.  To complete the transfer, sit down.

The Pivot Assist Platform allows wheelchair users to maintain their independence and safely transfer between their wheelchair to and bed.

For individuals that have the ability to stand and pivot but have balance issues, the Wheechair Transfer Platform (Model 5602) is the answer.  The Wheelchair Transfer Platform has the same features of the Pivot Assist Platform minus the pivot disc.

As space allows, either Platform can be used in any room of your house to assist you to get to and from your wheelchair.

Product Specifications
Specification 5601 5602
Base Board Width 30" 30"
Base Board Depth 30" 30"
Hand Rail Height 30" 30"
Hand Rail Width 16" 16"
Weigth Capacity 250 lbs. 250 lbs.

WARNING:California's Proposition 65

SKU: 5601, 5602, Pivot Assist Platform, Pivot Disc, Pivot Discs, Mobility Aide, Wheelchair Transfer Platform, Wheelchair Accessory

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