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AliRail Bed Rail

AliRail Bed rails for adults help prevent falls while getting in and out of bed and help avoid falling out of bed during the night. Easier to grip than conventional bed assist rails because of their ergonomic shape. Unique design allows for two-handed gripping when user rises to the seated position. Conveniently sized, it remains on the bed providing protection without confining the user completely. The Alirail no-slip, ergonomically shaped foam-covered grip makes holding the handle easy and comfortable. Double cross brace for maximum stability and support. Strong nylon straps wrap around box springs to act as a counter weight and provide a secure installation. These adult bed rails disassemble for easy portability.  AliRail bed rails for adults fit twin to queen sized home style beds.

AliRail Bed Rail Benefits

  • Helps prevent falling out of bed
  • Helps you reposition in bed
  • Get in and out of bed with ease
  • Helps transfers to wheelchairs and bedside commodes
  • Double cross brace for maximum stability
  • Ergonomically shaped handle is easy to grip


AliRail Bed Rail Specifications

Specification Dimension
Fits single to queen size beds
Width 18"
Height 22"
Product Weight 5 lbs
Weight Capacity 300 lbs



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