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Half-Length Bed Rail

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Drive Half Length Bed Rail

The Drive Medical Half Length, Adjustable Width Bed Rail was designed to comply with FDA reduced entrapment guidelines.  The width of the rail can be adjusted from 36" to 42" in 2" increments. Constructed from 1" steel tubing for strength and ease of maintenance.  The rail can also be adjusted to increase or decrease the gap between the rail and the mattress.  Designed for spring based hospital style beds.  Provides maximum protection when bed is elevated.  Easy to install.  Comes with limited lifetime warranty.

Installation Instructions for the Drive Half Length Bed Rail

Please read and follow carefully the directions that come with your bed rails. These directions are for information purposes only.

1. Align fixed clamp jaw in front of bed frame rail as shown in Figure 1. (See diagram above in product images)
2. Align movable clamp jaw on top of bed frame rail, and turn knob clockwise until clamp is tight, securing safety rail to bed frame rail.


1. Depress brass push pin and slide out rail to desired width. An audible click will be heard when the rail is locked in position.

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