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Free2Go Rollator with Raised Toilet Seat & Toilet Safety Frame


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The Free2Go Rollator combines the benefits of a rollator, raised toilet seat, and toilet safety frame.  The Free2Go Rollator allows the user to confidently and discreetly use a toilet in any private and public restroom.  Simply push the rollator over the toileting area, lock the wheels, and raise the padded seat to use. The flip-up seat is equipped with a discreet pouch to conveniently store cleaning wipes. 

Here is what users and therapists have to say about the Free2Go:

"My husband and I purchased the Free2Go Rollator for my mother-in-law. I was extremely impressed with the quality and sturdiness of the product. Having had walkers in the past for various reasons, I feel like I have a little knowledge about them. The wheels on the product are of high quality, that produces a smooth rolling for whoever will be using the walker, young or old.  The tight breaking system is great when using as a commode. Very important!  As a whole, it felt very sturdy.  I would not hesitate to recommend this product to anyone."

Joye S., Meadow Vista, CA

"As a Physical Therapist, I immediately saw the value in the Free2Go Rollator.  Most of my patients are dealing with post-surgical issues following hip replacement surgery.  If a toilet is too low, it could cause hip dislocation after surgery.  I have patients ask me: "How do I use the restroom out in public? I use a commode at home because the toilet is too low for me, but I cannot bring the commode with me to a public place."  The Free2Go Rollator solves this issue by combining the walker with a commode seat that is discreetly hidden under the rollator seat.  The Free2Go Rollator allows the user the freedom to go out in public and discreetly - and safely - use the restroom."

Wykie K., Physical Therapist


Free2Go Rollator, the winner of HomeCare Magazine's 2016 Story of the Year.


Product Specifications Dimension
Unit Width 24"
Seat Width 15"
Seat Depth 15.5"
Seat Height 23.5"
Handle Height 33.5" - 38"
Product Weight 20.2 lbs.
Weight Capacity 300 lbs.




SKU: F2G, Rollator, Rollator, Walker, Walkers, Rollilng Walker, Rolling Walkers

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